Sketches of ETs

sci-fi planets, alien landscapes, scenery, interdimensional beings

2020 sketches! Everything up to the watercolors is blind contour (drawn without looking at the paper), brought about in a wildly spaced out state. In it, I can glimpse various off-world incarnations whose names—and fates—one can only guess.

N-72, 2021 the new Ice Age Hawaii: three peaks windy ocean by Seattle Earth: upstream centuries Mars: annihilation early morning: city ruins ablaze fire by the forest den space pomegranate Anchorage, Cook Inlet whistling meadow Alaskan mountains canyon passageway The Trillennia Lords interdimensional glider Cretan maid: the courage to Old Empire craft Orion Priest | ballistics man | Kzin the tortured in Basilica and who waits for him Orion: chamber dune rider faces of evil pirate | courageous teacher Norwegian woman | Pleiadian pilot: stigma Voider ET (currently untranslatable) Orion: boy in labor camp Starlink on Boring planet Pleiadian war pilot, hybrid guide: NOT HERE She never forgave him space opera paaaaaarty we fought then never forgave tank driver | madman | ghoul Alexander III of Macedon Pleiadian at war: this is real bad