Sketches of Extraterrestrials

Pleiadians warring, robotic bodies, Sirian, Alpha Centauri, Atlantians, Zeta hybrid

2019, third year of draw-without-looking sketches. Not made from a tiny studio in crazy Portland, because I moved yet again. I am a tumbleweed. And I vanished for an entire year due to smashed laptop—sorry.

bodies for amusements mountaineer, serious damange why are you still here? war weary fighter Sirian peering at globe (отдай!) shock wave evil Atlantians Pleiaden fighter pilots Orion minister awaiting two Pleiadian soldiers prayer Mediterranean spice merchants plunderer another obliging Nazi “loser” caroller Willa Hillicrissing we're together Charlie “the astronaut” Pleiadian combatant: suit up! the supplanter space port sad story well-armed scoundrel mercenary loonies Pleiadian in a sleep tank suit forthright ET | French horse artillery lieutenant aristocrat and tank driver messenger (garbled) alarm: danger! non-interfering observer self-righteous Zeta-hybrid Pleiadian soldier: mandatory upgrade ET Cleri Anunnaki presiding over Earth automaton caging a soul fortitude and consequences double-dealings resolution Orion councilman man facing a dilemma