Sketches of Extraterrestrials

space opera, galactic federation, Anunnaki colony, Crete, Andromeda, Orion streets

Second year of blind contour sketches! That is, I keep my eyes closed while drawing except to glance at who surfaced and to briefly reorient the hand. Loads of galactic memories here, including excerpts from lifetimes on Orion, Pleiades, Mars, Andromeda, and even Barnard’s Star.

Repairs Unit (handyman) peacekeeper, elite leaves Draconian? outed by the covenant Tyranny: protraction sad K (Lyssa Royal) mission lag magical violinist (Lyssa Royal) tyrannical monks The Reticuli: little rat out by the glitter bluff desertion, prayer prison guard Roman exorcist? metamorphosis Orion military: strategist and sergeant righteous nun and psychotic priest officer discovers heinous behavior amid his own unusual pair from Draco, Lyra or Boötes Barnard's Star: dissolving woman the Keeper giving his heart der ain't no antidote This Wicked Tongue space cripple artist staring out the window Pleiadian Light behind deranged geneticist many with eyes closed bombarding a tiny planet Orion/Old Empire: automotive racing suspect? Orion/Old Empire: automotive racing contestant platypus, hunter, and another animal artist at 35 dolphin, Enlil (Commander of Sky and Air?), tortured man メトロポリス celestial dirtbags dubious minor cannibal child and rag doll hyperbole distraught performer kept animals fascist Arlo conglomeration of anguish the one who left once, on Andromeda hybrid dilemma Sara: knight, Tyranny death minister suspicion, diligence raiders Crusader trapped Reptilian man sees misdeeds agents of colonial agendas bionics eroding nature (ask the Tyranny) Napoléon space merchants | Vegan trooper wrapped up dead | “Pakal” creation of the soulless vessel Orion savant daring pilot wings it Kristine: Sirian woman with contender a “cleansing” (I want to live) hero attacks fake selkie | dirtbag v Argonaut ancient slug and stooge boss, secret discovered tradeswoman | steampunk pilot баба Ляля | Anunnaki: air strike developer (legionnaire) chaste woman burned | wrestling a demon past and future criminals Pleiadian with Anu youth: they look to each other neuterer Eva: pious peasant woman in Crete Pleiadian pilot in ravine zombie maker | bionic chancellor | Orion miner Zeta drone pilot | no-goodnik Jon fixes the Tyranny crying | seeder of the Tyranny ET god gone mad | Anunnaki self Orion Brando (is free) | abandoned faun Pleiadian | the cult skinned | underworld pawn Roman Cardinal Reptoid marauder | Algerian nurse Orion: matchmaker | black market dealer Hyperion: tortured man and priest galactic trash Anunnaki: influential woman | seer Pyrotechnician Creator and middle tier carrier of the lantern busted Duke Orion: the sly and the pious Fleet Hackers: Pulsar 9 characters Fleet Hackers: Pulsar 9 characters Pleidian pilot Med-evil Italy Orion resistance (wires, wires, ultraviolence) | Reptilian Big Bad Orion: outraged monk Orion: reason to flee docking garage on space station (Stephen) another Martian man Gothic tribeslady Martian youth Martian man, William