Sketches of Extraterrestrials

Pleiadian fighters, Orion Light, Zeta Reticuli, Rome, Athens, Venusians, Vega ET, space humanoids

2017—blind counter sketching discovered! I wanted to know what would happen if I didn’t look at the paper while drawing and a deluge of alien portraits burst forth. Some are my “past lives” on Earth while others I’ve pulled from nonlinear timelines in ET civilizations.

Orion Light boy without arm | strangler boatman Reptilian organ harvester Pleiadian war suit progenitor in his garden injured Zeta guided by his beloved progenitor making a decision Orion spaceman | Venusian Paladin masked scum | Venusian navigator Venus: he needs her Orion Axel Reptilian commander peeved cadet drowning psychic Pleiadian soldier prison devil corrupt nun that look | Orion corporal lady of diamonds Pleiadian Admiral? late era Orion: Robocop tortured amphibian Slovenian priest disintegrating into particles | wicked ET sad woman | ambassador in cryogenic sleep Reptilian woman at a ball Reptilian apothecary | Indian woman Orion street walker Pleiadian in space gear Vegan conqueror Pleiadian ambassador “labor” and “metamorphosis” | Pleiadian rogue pilot on a mission Chinese soldier | a galactic | Orion construction worker secret service | woman in cryogenic sleep | Orion scholar Roman Major (майор) brooding Zeta Orion slavemaster | reservoir near mining grounds Orion peasant Orion husband and wife Pleiadians in Rome dying Zeta woman | insane Zeta man | tortured Orion queen light being vendetta (homeworld) Sassani explorer ship crew driver WWII Brixton War stories: Pleiadian combatant knowing handsome hybrid knight from Nîmes captured ET Lithuanian lady Vegan mystic minor feud Pleiadian Admiral: Justin Thomas Anderson, 1983-2017 Anunnaki crosslink face Fleet Hackers: Mantis Bishops Heather: Slav, Page, Orion Anunnaki Builder