Sketches of Friends, Coworkers, Warriors

yakuza, dolphins, Atlantian priestess, baby, love, android

2012: a year of friend and coworker portraits, character sketches, dream imagery, and what I would later recognize as glimpses into other incarnations!

lighten up debating please explain concentrate shrubhead St. Dopamine Мила Куксина no negativity regular occurrence I said no! Maddie Youngstrom Dominique it's over 5 seconds girl blinked Sun Mee Chomet and Katie Hae Leo Bo Hakala Ronnie Farber Gita Rose: friend thin and restless one-sided embrace dear Saleem Reshamwala compromised mother moody androids deliberation you are more the wish lifetimes of waiting my enemy: words Loa old game 見つけた Joseph Hampton happy hearts 永遠に消える! paper plane boy resting baby solar flare it goes on forever transporting dolphin dreamstate five years since