Sketches of Friends, Coworkers, Warriors

mermaids, Himalayas, cyborgs, machine guns, telekinesis, monks, wavy arms, rescue, transformation

Drawn in 2011, while interning at a cruddy Minneapolis marketing agency. I sketched daily, but posted less than one third of what came out. Now, it’s all archived in a box no one can lift.

Oceanian intrigued holes the glutton pleads impart my pleasure Tommy Sunders ♫ from within wield foresight Jason Ho I am my hair Himalayas decompressing again he loved her so limbo burst monk with rosary I love you Трудно быть богом: Румата Трудно быть богом: Румата slow down he won swan head on did you think I forgot? submerge Bea girl pothos monk sleep maglev I'll keep you safe hallway decompressing