Extraterrestrial Portraits

Hybrid Children, Yahyel, Shalanaya, Sassani, Sirians, Pleiadians, Orions, Zeta Reticuli, Lyrans

The channeled ET portraits series! For the most part, I am drawing my galactic selves and the hybrid children.

Obviously, I have no idea what they actually look like. I space out and make art. Whether Pleiadians, Orions, the Zeta Reticuli, or whathaveyou resemble my art in any way is a cliffhanger.

Li (Shalanaya) in a Gundam Wing (Heero Yuy) t-shirt Li (Shalanaya) Tea (Shalanaya) connection Orion: Black League Orion combatant Zeta Reticuli: rot capsules underground Zeta Reticuli: reactor meltdown Paola from Sirius Pleiadian Admiral: Justin Thomas Anderson, 1983-2017 Anu builder hybrid twin Reptoid elder lilac child mother and child Lyran colonist Sirian priest Sassani and the Reticuli: relationship Orion: nobleman’s bodyguard baby Orion priestess serial killer on Zeta Reticuli Orion man in exile Sassani heart to heart Yahyel