Alien Artwork

Channeled Art, Sci-Fi Illustrations, Real Alien Drawings, ET Animations

Paper Affinity is an art archive with a focus on ETs. Most illustrations here are somewhat surreal, highlighting the presence of extraterrestrials on Earth—now and throughout the millennia. Illustration details their craft, a few takes on contact, as well as the physical appearance of various races.

Also of interest: curious phenomena over mountains, shorelines, vortices and portals, alternate reality timelines (like post-disclosure, space-faring Earth), and other channeled imagery. The purpose of these visuals is to shed some light on fairly obvious information that is, has been, and will continue to be suppressed.

Tiny about: the artist is a recluse who does not use social media—at all now. And is growing increasingly wary of all technology. If you would like to relay a message, please use this.

November 6, 2021: Still no more updates.